Bretagne Brothers


Ombres chinoises – Shadow plays

My favorite picture from the month of October. Taken at lake Monteynard, about 20 minutes from Grenoble. A spot well-known to kite-and wind-surfers. 

Ma photo préférée du mois d’octobre. Prise au lac de Monteynard, à 20 minutes de Grenoble. Un spot bien connu des kitesurfers et véliplanchistes.

Child Labor, but good


10 AM, I got started, and a few minutes later, came out 2 of the boys: “Mum, I want to help you, can I paint?”
“Mom, can I sand wood?”
First, it freaked me out.
DIY is a one-man (or woman) thing, isn’t it?
Then I reasoned. And started delegating. I let go of personal productivity to spend more time showing and coordinating.
Of course, being kids, they rarely stayed on a given activity for more than 20 minutes, and ended up playing ball next to me for lengths of time. Still, having them help meant there were indeed simultaneous workshops, and that gave the impression of a busy garden factory. Plus Superman was coming and going, he too ticking things off our list, often with the youngest in tow: mowing the lawn, fixing a shower bar and shelves in the boy’s bathroom, cleaning the car…

It was a great day! Smooth family moments. Sunshine, and DIT,…Do It Together.

Before going to see a friend, our 9 year-old told me he loved it.
Whit Monday is off for us tomorrow, so we still have time to make progress…
Report out tomorrow night!


Indispensables (kitchen must-haves)

Je vous recommande ces ustensiles, des petits détails qui changent la vie!
– pour éplucher et trancher une pomme en 4 secondes chrono. Idéal pour des tartes de pro. Avec ça le apple-a-day devient une réalité, les enfants adorent.
– pour attraper le pain grillé sans se bruler.

Just a short post to recommend these life changing kitchen must-haves:
– to peel and cut an apple in 4 seconds top. Makes for really nice apple tarts. And “an apple a day” becomes a reality, as kids love to use this tool
– to catch bread in the toaster without burning oneself