Brainstorming a kitchen

Brainstorming a kitchen….After nearly 4 years in our house, we want to explore some improvements. Primary objectives: more storage space, and more light, with some constraints… I spent the afternoon with my pencil and eraser. I’m “houzzing” a few pictures for inspiration too.
And guess who we’ll be consulting? Our favorite Manue now CEO of “1411Intérieurs”!!
Beware….work ahead?!
High time to start saving?

Indispensables (kitchen must-haves)

Je vous recommande ces ustensiles, des petits détails qui changent la vie!
– pour éplucher et trancher une pomme en 4 secondes chrono. Idéal pour des tartes de pro. Avec ça le apple-a-day devient une réalité, les enfants adorent.
– pour attraper le pain grillé sans se bruler.

Just a short post to recommend these life changing kitchen must-haves:
– to peel and cut an apple in 4 seconds top. Makes for really nice apple tarts. And “an apple a day” becomes a reality, as kids love to use this tool
– to catch bread in the toaster without burning oneself