Bretagne Brothers


Ombres chinoises – Shadow plays

My favorite picture from the month of October. Taken at lake Monteynard, about 20 minutes from Grenoble. A spot well-known to kite-and wind-surfers. 

Ma photo préférée du mois d’octobre. Prise au lac de Monteynard, à 20 minutes de Grenoble. Un spot bien connu des kitesurfers et véliplanchistes.


Provence…the  colors, the warmth, the narrow streets, the flowers and plants, the wine, the wind, the noise…

Provence, not one to be described, but experienced!

Here in Beaumes de Venise.

Tropical cantina

Our tropical cantina in Guadeloupe…but that was last week. It seems like an eternity ago!




Yes, that is miles away from Eugenie Street, but then again I haven’t been doing any Eugenie Street things recently! No reno, little deco, no posting!
I hope all is well with you, house flippers, creative home design genuises, and visitors by chance, from Canada, France, the US, or anywhere.
Have a good day!

Louis XIV got married here

A couple hundred meters from the Atlantic ocean front, it’s quite small for a royal wedding: the Church of Saint Jean de Luz. In fact, the size led to a few protocol disputes amongst Louis XIV’s entourage, and I would not have wanted the wedding planner June 1660!
I just wanted to share with you a few pics I took there yesterday: I have to agree with my 7 year old son when he walked in :” wouaouw, Mom, way too much gold” , but look up, I love the colors, and the suspended boat and chandeliers!





From Wikipedia:
“Saint-Jean-de-Luz is known for its royal wedding connection. In 1659, Cardinal Mazarin spent several months in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, from where he would embark on almost daily trips to the island of Bidassoa (near modern-day Hendaye) for Franco-Spanish meetings that resulted in the Treaty of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, one clause of which was the marriage of Louis XIV to Maria Theresa, the Infanta of Spain. Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its church were chosen to host the royal wedding on 9 June 1660.”
More on saint Jean de Luz here:

Vacances à Barcelone

Bonjour, ça faisait longtemps! Comment allez-vous? La rentrée, la famille, la fin d’année? J’ai délaissé ce blog ces dernières semaines: trop de travail, pas assez de temps avec la familia. Et puis malgré les moults projets encore à accomplir sur Eugénie Street, il faut dire que le gros du projet est terminé et que donc ce blog touche peut être à sa fin.. Mais pour l’heure, nous sommes sur l’autoroute, de retour de Barcelone, où nous avons passé la semaine de Noël… Et voici donc un petit “Eugénie Trip”: pour partager avec vous notre bon plan: une location d’appartement. Je reviens mettre le lien ici dès que je remets la main dessus. Je vous souhaite une belle et joyeuse fin d’année! image image image image image image image