Long overdue(III): Suspension…

Deux ans de stand-by avec la bonne vielle boule en papier de riz Ikea et (grand chic) les fils électriques apparents…avant de finalement se décider pour une suspension…Habitat! Je vous le dis, on est très très pointu ici, ça ne rigole pas. Balaise l’originalité hein?
Bon allez quand même avec un beau fil tissus rose et une rosace en porcelaine de Zangra … Photos avant-après ci-dessous.
Moi ça me va!
Et vous, vous ne trouvez pas que c’est dur à choisir les luminaires, en plus de coûter un oeil et la peau duk’? :-)
A quick translation for my blogfriends from Found This Painted That:  We’ve had that low cost Ikea shade with electrical wire showing in the dining room since we moved in…It took us 2 years, and countless hours of browsing, online or in stores, to finally settle …- not very orginial or hype I say!…for another paper shade, this one from Habitat; We used a porcelain fixture from Zangra (love that online shop), and a pink electrical wire. What do you think?
Do you find also that choosing a house light is a tough process, beside being incredibly expensive?

 Avant, c’était comme ça…

Maintenant, c’est comme ca:


7 thoughts on “Long overdue(III): Suspension…

  1. I don’t read much French, so I don’t know what you actually said, but the light fixture is beautiful! I also don’t know the decorating “rules” in France (who cares, everything seems to be beautiful naturally!!) but in North America ceiling fixtures are usually 65″ from the floor. What are the rules there? Just a bit of trivia for you :)

    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I wrote a quick translation for you :-) – and added the links to the stores.
      As for the rule, I have to admit I have no idea! You know how I did it? I moved the table away and checked we put it high enough for 1-my husband to be able to walk below it comfortably, and 2-me to dance below it ! Who knows we may throw a second housewarming party we enjoyed the first one so much.

  2. Thanks for the kind translation! And the explanation of why it hangs where it hangs – they are the best reasons I have ever heard! I knew your rule would be better. Maybe one day I’ll get to come dance under your light!

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