Five Random Things About Me

My blogger friend Sam at threw this challenge my way today, after she had been tagged by a blogger pal who had been tagged by a blogger pal etc.
So it seems it’s my turn to share five random things about me:
1- I am French, and I love -never cease to admire, the English language.
2- I’m part geek part old fashioned.
3- I was once told by an Italian colleague of mine “Benedicte, you are a volcano of ideas”. I would like to think it was a compliment, but maybe he was just tired of my constant brainstorming.
4- I still have the entire print out of Friends- all 9 seasons. Seeing how it’s aged on screen, I say reading it like a play can be a option
5- Et oui, I love bread, red wine, real cheese, and a good cliche.

Blogger friends I have never met (for most) and may very well never meet, but whose blogs I enjoy reading regularly, you’re up next if you feel like it!:
– My favorite neighbours at
– Isabelle at
– Karen at
– Patricia at
– My Husband Drives a Lemon at

I find it’s been an interesting freudian exercise :-)

4 thoughts on “Five Random Things About Me

  1. Merci Bénédicte de parler de mon green vintage ! J’avoue qu’en lisant ton portrait je nous trouve plein de points communs! Une ancienne DRH m’a reproché de vouloir tout changer tout le temps, vu comme un défaut à l’époque ma créativité est aujourd’hui ma force. J’avoue craquer régulièrement pour un côte rotie ou un pic st loup avec un bon reblochon…J’aime la vraie vie, mes 3 enfants et mon i phone, paradoxe!!!! Alors , à bientôt…

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