Christmas Eve rendez-vous


Angers, December 24:
As I walked towards the square on my way to a last minute Christmas errand, from quite a distance, I saw a man under that kiosk. He was holding a bouquet of wrapped flowers. I got closer, and I could see he had obviously made some efforts to look good: fresh haircut, a suit, the flowers. I got closer still. He seemed to have waited a long time. He was pacing under the kiosk bright light, as if on a stage. He looked anxious, wavering between impatience and hope.
As I reached the scene, only a few meters away, suddenly he rushed down the kiosk stairs. I looked the other way to see if his date had arrived, but no, he was just leaving. As we crossed paths, I simultaneously noticed three things: the scent of his perfume, his face -he was young, 20 at the most, and the incredible sadness of his eyes.
Being stood up on Christmas eve is doubly sad.




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