Fun at the flea market

It had been a while since we went to our city flea market. This week end we were fortunate to have a visit from our Burgundy friends Amaury and Pauline and their kids. On Sunday morning, we went on a vintage or decoration hunt.
We found a couple of mirors for the house, one for the boys’ bathroom. But as usual, we also came back with something which was not on our list. We are looking for overhead lighting (for our stairs and for our dining room); we are looking for chairs (our bistrot chairs are in bad shape). We came back with this below: a vintage ad – old enamelled metal sheet- for famous liquor Bénédictine.
For those of you who do not know us personally, this is why we could not not buy this piece: Dom is one of my husband’s nicknames, and my first name is Bénédicte!

It’s about 1 meter wide (3.3 ft) and we are thinking of putting this in the master bedroom. I’m now thinking of a color that could be a nice backdrop for this… very very dark green? Or dark grey (maybe the Gris Zinc again)? Any idea dear readers?

I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you.




3 thoughts on “Fun at the flea market

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