5 thoughts on “Chambre pour les amis!

  1. I’m really enjoy watching the progress you two are making on your home. Both of you working full-time, raising three children and taking on a big renovation – my hat is off to you. I like the colors and look forward to watching your project further unfold.

    • Thanks Chris, this means a lot coming from the coach! I’ll keep trying to include a line or two of post summaries in English, as it seems that there are more and more visitors from outside of France on this blog. It’s an interesting experience. How’s business in California? Cheers.

  2. Hey Bene,

    This is what we get for being Facebook retarded – just found out about this blog. Sounds like an exciting project. So maybe we missed it, but where is this home? Are you off work with Arthaud? How long is your maternity leave? We will be following your progress from now on. I’m going to email the link to my work so I can be even more productive!!!

    So when do you expect to have the reno’s all wrapped up … just wondering when we should plan our trip! ;)

    Hope you are all well. Please say hello to your mom.


    • Hey Taschia, so nice to see you! I see you have spotted your guest room…I promise we’ll make it nicer than it is today! I’ve been back at work since late last year, and A is almost 1, time flies! As for the reno, well (can you see my fingers crossed?) we are moving in July 12 so it will have to be more or less completed by then!
      How about you, how is Ted and how are the girls? See you soon on this blog then.

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